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Jan 10
Champion of 2008
Aug 09
Mar 09
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Mar 04

    At last you have made it to the home of the number one beer croquet player. I say it. I play it. walking with a limp like an old school pimp.

    I won the first game and chances are I won the last. I like the sport. I appreciate the tactics and strategy. I can't stand players who run and hide or won't send their girlfriend.

    So. I got kinda bored at winning monthly tournaments. I want a Tri-Fec-Ta on winning the Annual Championship. I need a cool place to host so call me if you have a phat pad with a phat pad yard.     Go Steelers, Go Sooners. World Cup is coming. Ask about our commune specials starting in 2019

St Pete Beer Croquet Club
World Cup 10, brauts @ bob's
Gators Sucks
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